Online ads for candidates

While at The Next Generation, I ran Google Display, Google Search, and Facebook ad campaigns for eight clients between October 7th and November 8th, 2016.

These clients included city council, park board, county supervisor, and county-wide candidates, as well as a local ballot measure. Here are some ads I created to run on the Google Display Network based on the campaigns’ existing visual identities and messaging. Ads on the three platforms totaled more than 4.6 million impressions; seven of the eight campaigns won.

Yes on C1 300 x 250

Dee Rosario 300 x 250

Dan Kalb 300 x 250

Rebecca Saltzman 300 x 250

Dennis Rodoni 300 x 250

Scott Jackson 320 x 100

Scott Jackson 300 x 600

Rebecca Kaplan 300 x 250

Yes on C1 160 x 600

Dan Kalb 160 x 600

Rebecca Kaplan 160 x 600

Dee Rosario 728 x 90