CLCV Email: Nancy Skinner endorsement

Here is an email CLCV sent to its members in California’s State Senate District 9 on behalf of one of its priority candidates in the June 2016 election. I ghost-wrote this email.

Subject: Vote the Environment: Nancy Skinner is CLCV’s choice for State Senate
From: Mike Young, CLCV
Date: April 29, 2016

Dear Jason,

After carefully evaluating the candidates for State Senate District 9, CLCV is proud to endorse Nancy Skinner. While other candidates in the race have very good environmental records, former Assemblymember Skinner has earned CLCV’s endorsement through her strong environmental leadership.

Currently a college professor, Skinner earned a perfect 100% score during her six years in the Assembly. While in the Assembly, Skinner authored priority environmental bills to reduce toxic flame retardants, expand access to cleaner cars, and expand financing for clean energy. AB 127, signed into law in 2013, modified building standards to ensure fire resistance in building construction without having to rely on previously required toxic chemicals that weren’t even effective in increasing fire safety. She was also a principal co-author of the bill to increase the state’s commitment to renewable energy in 2011. Skinner was a strong leader in the Assembly, working to secure votes for a variety of environmental priorities, from pushing for groundwater regulations to defending the low carbon fuel standard.

Vote for Nancy Skinner on June 7th

Her work in the legislature reflected her prior accomplishments on the Berkeley City Council, where she authored the state’s first Styrofoam ban, a 50% waste reduction ordinance, and a garbage incineration ban. She also spearheaded the effort to get cities to develop their own climate action plans and encouraged mayors from around the world to develop sustainability and carbon reduction policies.

On June 7th, vote for Nancy Skinner for State Senate.


Mike Young
Political and Campaign Manager
California League of Conservation Voters

California League of Conservation Voters

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