Yes on C1 website

Among the rapid-fire projects I took on soon after starting at The Next Generation, a campaign consulting firm with about a dozen clients, was to build the website for the “Yes on Measure C1” campaign. In 2016, The Next Generation’s preferred rapid website deployment tool was NationBuilder.

I built a custom theme based on the existing visual identity and Collective, a public theme. My objectives for the site, aside from building it in a matter of days, were for it to work well on all devices (mobile-first) and to be clean and easy to navigate.

The Yes on C1 site on a variety of screens

I made many changes to the layout that made it easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and consistently branded at all sizes. The archived site more or less reflects the functionality of the original site. is pretty good at retroactively improving how it displays old sites; previously, their added code interfered with some of the site’s responsive features on phones and tablets (including optimization of the size of carousel images and type).