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Go to the site. (Shockingly, this site is still up under my 10-year-old design.)

MyBallot.e-democracy.org 2001-present

My Ballot (now at http://myballot.e-democracy.org/) is a volunteer project that aims to provide independent, non-partisan election information to voters across Minnesota. I'm responsible for the look and feel of the site.

The key feature of the site is a sample ballot, custom to the user's street address, that includes all state-wide and state legislative offices. The site also provides the name and address of the voter's polling place. Eventually, MyBallot.net will provide links to articles about each candidate, on a variety of topics; for now, users are directed to a targeted Google search for more information on each candidate.

The site was developed under the auspices of Minnesota E-Democracy, launched in September 2002, and had been updated for each election since then, through at least November 2004 (after which I was no longer involved).